All About Border Hardwood

Border Hardwood is considered a traditional yet modern importer of European oak. Their sole purpose was to build a company that fulfils all the needs of their clients. This has put them in a high rank in the oak industry with a very good reputation. They are known to be the best in the oak industry and strive to offer the best services to their esteemed clients.


Their good reputation has managed to put them in the business for so many years. Whatever your needs are, they are able to deliver not only the best services but also with an epitome of professionalism.

Border Hardwood

Why Border HardWood is the perfect choice for you to work with

Border hardwood being the best wood on the market will not only offer you quality but also give you a good price that will leave you wondering where they have been your whole life!


All sources of their timber come from renewable sources. Their oak is professionally processed through sawing, machining, and air-drying or kiln drying. The timber is readily available in stock for rapid delivery. As they deliver their wood to you, you will notice that it also comes with a full technical back up.


There are so many reasons why you wild choose border Wood over any other. Among those reasons is the fact that they value the quality of what they produce on the market. They provide high-quality wood to the joinery, restoration and construction market or trade. Apart from quality, they have a professional team with professional communication skills that you may never find elsewhere.


How is oak Timber cut to size?

Border hardwood knows just the right way to answer this question. They have a mill built specifically for cutting the oak timber into various sizes depending on the market need.


They use a rare type of head molder for cutting. The Hundegger 8 has the ability to cut oak timber while forming sections up to 400 mm in one pass. This gives them a high level of flexibility and the freedom to offer their customers a variety of options.


As far as their success is concerned, 2016 was the year that Border HardWood made a great step in their business. Their area in Shropshire was increased and they acquired an additional two acres. This increased their capability to dispatch and transport their product. In addition, this meant that their domestic customers could now have a more efficient delivery service.

Border Hardwood

How to buy online from Border Hardwood

With the improvement of technology, the internet is taking over our lives. You do not need to drive all the way to the company to buy wood. You can sit in the comfort of your home or office and make a purchase online. Buying wood has never been this easy! You can now buy online from Border Hardwood through your visa or master card. They have a well-trained staff who will guide you step by step if you experience problems buying online.


The staff are more experienced and are perfectly stationed to help the purchaser and answer their questions concerning the online purchasing platform. For the case of Europe, especially the UK, they have a well stationed, professionally trained staff and well-equipped department inspecting and grading all the timber prior to arrival in the UK. This procedure is to ensure that you get the best quality and always on time.


HardWood gallery

This is basically a section where they put relevant pictures of their products so that you get to feed your eyes on their amazing timber. Here, you get to see for yourself without being told. You can examine the timber with your eyes through the pictures that they exhibit in this section, therefore, making sure you get only the best.


Customers satisfied with their services have written testimonials to attest to the amazing services they got from Border Hardwood LTD.To get their contacts, please go to


In summary, it is not easy to find a well-establishednoak supplier. But border hardwood ltd got you covered! They have responsible staff and provide a high-quality wood better than the ordinary merchants. Foe Border
Harwood Ltd, quality beats quantity! So, are you looking for perfect oak timber? Border hardwood is the best way to go.